Critique services

Definitions: getting things straight from the start helps.

Everything is customizable, but here are some options…

10 page edit – $60

I’ll read your manuscript and provide close margin notes. Topics noted will include character authenticity, narrative arc, voice, reader engagement, stylistic choices, and potential red flags and inconsistencies. A 45-minute zoom call to discuss the piece will be included.

100 page edit – $500

Select this option and I’ll provide ten pages of critique notes that will consider elements evident in a longer piece of work, such as narrative arc, character development, reader engagement, and chapter resolution. There will also be margin notes, but fewer than in a 10 page edit.

Up to 50,000 words manuscript edit – $1500

With this option I’ll offer multiple margin notes as well as 10-12 pages of critique notes, considering every detail of your work, both micro and macro. Select this package, and I’ll also include a query letter and synopsis critique.

A Query Letter and Synopsis consultation – $80

This consultation will combine both critique notes and margin notes. Careful consideration of how both elements support and strengthen the other is central to this critique. Expect to see multiple margin notes as well as a two-page written report addressing macro issues.

College application essay – $50

A fun service for my youngest clients. An initial one page written critique document considering macro issues such as subject, narrative voice, and reader engagement. Once initial changes have been made and re-submitted, look for a follow-up critique with multiple margin notes addressing grammar, word choice, and syntax. This is a value for money package, offering both critique and margin notes, priced to allow our youngsters be their very best.

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