Getting things straight from the start helps.

Margin notes:

This is a micro approach with careful, page-by-page notes in your manuscript. Structure, syntax, word choice, clarity, tense issues, typos and other common issues will all be marked. You will see many notes on every page of your manuscript; this means an extremely close read, consideration of your creative choices, and hours of my undivided attention.

Critique notes:

Written feedback that addresses the major components of your manuscript: character, narrative arc, reader engagement, consequence of stylistic choices (person and tense), plot, voice, imagery, setting, etc. All the big picture topics will be considered and creative suggestions made as the development of your work is pushed forward. Critique notes will be three or ten pages long, depending on the package. 

Manuscript revision notes:

Written feedback given after initial feedback has been received and changes made. As I’ll already be familiar with the work, the charges are 50% of the original. 

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